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logokawatrainingcenterWe believe that Tourism can only be successful if local people benefit from it and that everybody works together to protect Zanzibar’s cultural and natural heritage. We design original and sustainable tours that highlight Zanzibar’s cultural and natural heritage and daily life.

The tours are operated by Bluebikes Zanzibar a social enterprise established by Kawa Training Center. They benefit from the tours that we have designed and from the tour guides who have graduated from the tour guide course and give a percentage of the tours’ profit to support Kawa Training Center.


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Stone Town is a maze of narrow streets and historical buildings. In the 19th century the town was formed under Omani rule, flourishing from the trade with slaves, ivory, gold and spices. Zanzibar was defined by Arab, Indian and European traders, and settlers and slaves from the inland of Africa. We will show you how to recognize these cultural and architectural patterns in the fabric of Stone Town. Don’t miss Tippu Tip’s grand home, befitting the most important slave trader, the sultans’ palaces, Darajani market, important Indian trade houses, mosques from Sunni, Ibadi and Indian Shi’i sects and European churches and consulates. A very interesting tour along sites you won’t easily find on your own.


The Stonetown City tour for Kids is especially designed for children to learn about Zanzibar in a fun way. Parts of its history will be told through stories of sultans and princesses, palaces and journeys to faraway places. The children will do some research of their own and learn how Zanzibari children live by participating in local activities together with them. Parents may accompany their children on this 3 hour tour or they can go on an adult city tour and leave the kids in the capable hands of our guides.


Join us if you dare on a spooky tour of Stone Town by night. By the mid-19th century a reported 25,000 slaves each year were traded through Zanzibar. Around the 1964 revolution around 14,000 Arabs and Indians were murdered and the rest fled Zanzibar or were deported; their houses were confiscated by the revolutionary government. Many Zanzibari believe ghosts of those enslaved or murdered, or spirits left behind, remain in Stone Town until today, haunting their former houses and slave chambers. We take you to those spots were ghosts are still seen and felt by locals. Listen to the tales of specific ghosts and haunted houses, and start to see the hidden past through Zanzibari eyes.


Ngambo literally means the other side; Stonetown and Ngambo were divided by a creek and connected by a bridge. It was a division between the poor and the rich. Come with us on a walking tour through this fascinating place where nature s reclaiming its space, so close to town you will find a sweetwater lake next to a saltwater lake, and a mangrove forest, this area attracts an abundance of wildlife. Enjoy the view and imagine the big trading dhows heading for the riches and fresh water supply of Zanzibar. Walk with us through the interesting suburb and wonder about the chaotic planning of this region, meet the people and see their daily activities Today tireless efforts to keep the place clean and recycle waste by a local initiative are well worth a visit and we hope that by supporting this initiative with our tour that the rest of the island will follow its lead.


Discover Swahili cooking with its mixture of Arab, Indian, African and European influences and the prominent role of spices that are grown on Zanzibar. The tour begins with a visit to the market to buy the ingredients, then, under the guidance of an experienced Zanzibari cook, we prepare the various dishes. The cook will explain how to use Zanzibari spices and what the cultural or regional specifics of the dishes are. When the food is ready we will dine together, possibly with your friends or partners invited (for an extra fee), discussing our day and the merits of the Swahili kitchen.


The “prison” on Prison Island was actually used as a quarantine station for the whole of British territories in east Africa. Most visitors now come for the island’s famous giant tortoises (the second largest in the world after the Galapagos tortoise) that were brought to Zanzibar from the Seychelles as a gift to the Sultan. This is the only species of Indian Ocean giant tortoises that avoided extinction. You can walk freely amongst these gentle animals. Relax on the island’s small beach afterwards, or go snorkeling on a quite nice coral reef nearby. (The tour can also be combined with Bawe Island, the best snorkeling location close to Stone Town). On the boat trip back, you’ll get stunning views of the town’s waterfront. This is just one of those tours you won’t forget.


§  The price of the tours is based on a pick-up from any hotel in Stonetown but they can be done from any place on the island, you will have to arrange your own transport.

§  Starting times for the tours can be earlier or later if preferred. Returning times can change if the people want to stay longer at the beaches for example.

§  Tours can be paid in Tanzania Shilling or Euro to the rates at the Bureau de Changes, please check with us.

Historical City Tour 1 person $20, 2+ persons $15 Entry Slave Market Site, Guide 3 hours (approx.)
City Tour for Kids 1 person $20, 2 persons $15,  (accompanying adult $7) Guide, Entry Hamamni Bath, woodcarving, some local snacks 3 hours (approx.)
Ghost Tour 1 person $20, 2 persons $15, 3+ persons $10 Guide 19.30 – 21.30 (approx.)
Viko Tour 1 persons $25, 2+ persons $15 Guide, Refreshments, donation of $5 to recycling project. 3 hours (approx.), 9.00-12.00 or 15.30-18.30 (includes sunset from the rooftop)
Swahili Cooking Workshop (private) 1 person $60, 2 persons $40, 3+ persons $30 (extra person for lunch only $20) guide, 3 course diner, recipes 10.00 – 14.30 (approx.)
Prison Island 1 person $65, 2 persons $35, 3 persons $25, 3+$25, 4+5 $20, 6+ $15 boat trip, guide, snorkeling gear, refreshments, snacks, entrance Prison Island 3 hours (approx.) departure time is depending on the tides
Snorkeling Trip 1 person $ 60, 2 person $35, 3 persons $25, 4+5 $20, 6+ persons $15 boat trip, guide, snorkeling gear, refreshments, snacks 3 hours (approx.) departure time is depending on the tides



Capacity – number of passengers 1-3 4-7 8-14 15-20 
Ferry – Stonetown or vv* 10 15 35 55
Airport – Stonetown or vv 15 20 40 60
Zanzibar Town** to East/North coast or vv 60 60 90 120
Return Transfers on the same day Town- E/N Coast or vv 100 100 160 220
Zanzibar Town** to South coast or vv 70 70 100 130
Return Transfers on the same day Town- South Coast or vv 120 120 180 240
Extra charge for night transfers (between 12pm and 6am) 10 10 10 10
*vv – – vice versa
** – Zanzibar Town – Stonetown – Airport or Ferry



stonetown walks



Stonetown Heritage Walks


Kawa Training Center was also involved in creating the Stonetwon Heritage Walks: Themed tours in and around Stonetown, the tours were developed in colaboration with ACRA and prominent historians and guides have been trained to do the tours. The project will create more awareness about Stonetown as a UNESCO World heritage site.

We have developed 6 themed walks through Stone town. Check the walks here Very interesting if you want to dive deeper into the history and culture of Zanzibar.

These tours are carried out by Heritage Guides that have been trained by Kawa Training Center as Heritage Guides through a EU funded project carried out by ACRA Foundation.

busaraThe tours are further developed by Busara Tours, a percentage of the tour price will be donated to Kawa Training Center.

Contact Busara tours for bookings or for a more detailed description of the heritage walks.

www.busaratours.com | salma@busaratours.com | +255 777 431 665



Other tour operators and organizations that we have a close relationship with are, they support our students and this way we can support them back

Amo Zanzibar

Amo znz

They have included some of the tours that we have developed in their portfolio. – Cultural night tour, Pete and Jozani Nature explorer



+255 774 590 020 & +255 777 486 463


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