Tree planting project


Urban desert


Zanzibar is a tropical island, yet urban desertification is on the rise as you can see clearly on the pictures.

New settlements have no afforestation plans in place and every square inch of land, which once had good vegetation is now filled with concrete structures.

As a result, urban temperatures are increasing at an alarming rate. Let’s join forces to create awareness & change the tide.

Following the set up how Kawa Training Centers’ students are participating in this matter.

Urban desert 3

Plan of action

The students join tree planting activities with the forestry department and get some more knowledge about trees and the importance of trees.

Then they form groups with students who live in the same area, identify good locations for tree planting in their own living area and will talk to the local leader to address the topic and ask for permission.

They will arrange a special tree planting day with media, officials; VIP’s and record a video of it.

The tree planting will be prepared and carried out together with experts so that the right tree is planted in the right place.

Every student plants 10 trees in his/her own environment, takes care of the trees during their period of their training and take pictures of the trees at regular intervals.

On the graduation ceremony a time-lapse video will be shown of the growth of their tree.


This project is supported by Nature Care Foundation

nature care foundation