Teacher in Training program

Teacher in Training Course 










Teachers do more than teach, and their impact extends far beyond the classroom. As a teacher, you are more than just an educator: you are a mentor, a confidant and a friend. One of the most common reasons to become a teacher is to make a difference in the lives of as many students as you can.


Teacher in Training Program

Duration: 9 months: 3 months theory + 6 months practical with assignments and 1 day per 2 weeks theory.

You will work closely with Senior Teachers at Kawa Training Center with attention to the following topics:


  • Course development
  • Lesson preparation – Didactic
  • Giving lessons – Pedagogic
  • Professional development
  • ICT-skills
  • Guidance


Test and interview

During the application period each candidate has to participate in an English level test (10.000) and a motivation interview. Admission level is English C1 level, which is advanced.

Send your application letter to: