Sustainable Tourism

We believe the only way to conduct Tourism in Zanzibar is Sustainable Tourism.

Tourism should contribute to sustainable development, it must respect the fragile balances that characterize many tourist destinations, in particular small islands and environmentally sensitive areas. Tourism must consider its effects on the cultural heritage and traditional elements, activities and dynamics of each local community. It must contribute to the conservation, protection and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage and all options for tourism development must serve effectively to improve the quality of life of all people and must influence the so-cio-cultural enrichment of each destination.


The Zanzibar Declaration on Sustainable Tourism is an informal statement of intent and a rallying cry for the Zanzibar tourism industry to take real strides towards sustainability, in support of people, planet and prosperity. The Zanzibar Declaration recognises and contributes to global sustainable tourism actions adopted by international institutions and world leaders; this includes the One Planet Network Glasgow Declaration: Climate Action in Tourism with which this declaration is aligned, and many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
This declaration can be signed by individuals representing hospitality and tourism related business & institutions. It can also be signed by individuals that wish to take actions in support of the declaration.