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Kawa Training Center is working with volunteers from Zanzibar and elsewhere. This is a great asset in a training center where all activities are aimed at the tourism industry. We hope to continue to welcome volunteers from Zanzibar, who are willing to share their expertise and strengthen their own professional experience by providing training.

We also welcome international volunteers, who have experience with training or have expertise that can benefit Kawa Training Center. The subjects that are taught vary from English Communication Skills and Presentation Skills to Tour Guide Research and Tour Guide Practice, Teacher Training,  IT lab development. Also subjects such as Business Skills, Customer Care and Sales and Marketing are part of the courses.

Our interest is very wide so if you have a skill that you want to share with us, be it through an internship, or as a volunteer or something like that , send us an e-mail with your CV and your availability and motivation letter.

We welcome you to join the team of Kawa Training Center.


We strongly believe that there is power in working together. We don’t see similar institutions as competitors, we see them as colleagues working towards the same goals of enhancing the economic position of youth, improving tourism and protecting and promoting cultural and natural heritage. We are very interested in building a platform from where we can join forces.

We are always on the lookout for tour operators that want to employ our students after graduation, offer them an internship, or that are interested in offering our tours in their programs.

We welcome educational institutions to join forces, share ideas and exchange teachers with us.

We can develop tailor made training programs for hotels, tour operators, NGOs and villages that want to develop a tourism product.

We welcome you to become a partner of Kawa Training Center.



Being an NGO we will always be in need of a base of donors, sponsors, and cooperation partners that can help us stabilize our organization and make sure that our activities can continue to be carried out sustainably in the future with quality and a high level of professionalism.

As a private person or a company you can make a big difference through donating even small amounts of money.

Your donation will be used to uphold a range of fundamental responsibilities such as:

  • Payment of our local and permanent staff, a small but sufficient salary that will make sure that they can do a proper job.
  • Maintenance of a system of micro-finance study loans, which allows students who cannot pay the tuition fees at the start of their training, to do so afterwards, once they are employed in the future.
  • Realization of different projects that are being initiated along the way to develop and enhance the quality of KTC’s activities.

Send to our bank account in Tanzania


Account name: Kawa Training Center
Account number: 33 00 99 37 33
Kenya Commercial Bank
Malindi, Cine Afrique Building
P.O Box 3897



 Kawa Training Center has many organisations, people and business to be grateful to:

(ps. We just started listing the organisations, there are many, so the list is not complete yet, so if you are not on the list  yet, please let us know and we put your logo here too)

We are very grateful to TUI Care

It has supported Kawa Training Center in 2015 and in 2016 with the groups of Tour guide students.

In 2017 we started a 3 year project – TRAINING TALENT – TRAIN ZANZIBARI TO BE A GUIDE/ TUI ACADEMY

and in 2020 the project was extended for 3 years until the end of 2022. 


We are grateful to Foundazione ACRAacra

For Choosing Kawa as their partner for the Tourism Component of the project:

“Job Creation in built Heritage”  Partly financed by the EU

We are grateful to Safari Bluesafari-blue-logo-retina

for hosting our Tour guide students and Marine Life refresher students on a Safari Blue trips

We are grateful to Chumbe Islandchumbe-logo_mbprofpic_320xhhh

for hosting our Tour guide students on a very educational Chumbe Island trips

and supporting our curriculum by giving Guest lectures to our Tour guide Students


We are grateful to Zanzibar Learning for Life Foundation and Daraja Foundation

We are grateful to Sustainable East Africa

We are grateful to Panda Juu Foundation

We are grateful to Zanlink

We are grateful to Commission for Tourism

We are grateful to ZATOGA

We are grateful to Nakupenda Island Safari’s

We are grateful to One Ocean

We are grateful to The Vocational Training Authority Zanzibar

We are grateful to the Princes Salme Foundation

We are grateful to Emerson on Hurumzi

We are grateful to the Princes Salme Foundation


and many individuals who have donated time and money to Kawa Training Center