Sponsorship “Pay it Forward”

img_0869“Pay it Forward” Fund

In Zanzibar there is a big gap between what school leavers can do and what the Tourism industry needs. Kawa Training Center was founded to bridge the gap between huge unemployment on Zanzibar and the struggle of the tourism industry to find well-trained, English speaking staff. We try to keep the school fees as low as possible while maintaining high quality education – this is why we depend heavily on donors and the help of expert volunteers.

The students at Kawa often come from poor families. Many students are sponsored or get the fees by borrowing money from family and friends. Not everyone is that lucky, and for some, doing a course is simply not within reach. We want to reach out to those disadvantaged youth – because we believe that everybody should have access to quality education.

This is why we decided to launch a new sponsoring scheme  “Pay it Forward”

The idea of ‘Pay it Forward’ is to find sponsorships for applicants who want to study but can’t afford the fees. The student will pay the money back to Kawa Training Center after the course when they have found a job. Kawa Training Center will make the money available for another person who wants to study but can’t afford the fees. This is how the money will have a multiplier effect.  Part of the fee the students can pay back in kind – for example by doing community work, promotion work, tours etc.

Each student has to fill out the ““Pay it Forward” form and show motivation and dedication and understanding of the concept “Paying it Forward”.

3How does it work for sponsors:

We are raising money to establish a revolving Pay it Forward  fund. This money will be used to help students pay the schoolfees. You can start sponsoring an individual student from as little as €40 up to €200, and receive updates on the students progress . Or you can donate directly into the fund. Please contact info@kawatrainingcenter.com for more information.

How does it work for students who want to apply for the loan?

Download the Pay it Forward application form