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Kawa Training Center is committed to do whatever it can to create awareness about the value of our environmental heritage and to activate as many people as possible to protect it.


Kawa Environment Club

Protecting and enhancing the environment is one of the pillars of Kawa training Center. Environment and sustainable tourism modules are permanent features in Kawa’s courses. Kawa has been active since 2015 with beach clean-ups with the students. Since June 2018 Kawa training Center arranges monthly clean-ups with the students and actively tries to involve other organizations. Kawa was heavily involved in the Let’s do it Zanzibar Movement which resulted in 6000 people cleaning Zanzibar on 18 September 2018. In 2019 we established the Kawa Environment Club – it is run by student, graduates and teachers of Kawa Training Center.

 Environment and Sustainable Tourism are key subjects in all our courses

  • We do regular clean up events
  • Recycle all our waste
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • We are developing a tree planting project where all students have to plant and care for ten trees is they want to study at Kawa Training Center
  • We have integrated the clean ups in our curriculum
  • We started with Environment classes
  • We have established the  Kawa Environment Club that is open to everyone, please contact us for more information if you want to join the Club.




Beach clean ups

The idea is to clean the same area every time and hopefully increase the number of participants and the kilos of rubbish collected and increase the area that is cleaned due to less rubbish.

We had the momentum going and even managed to activate the fishermen and boat builders but then Covid-19 hit, and we had to stop the activities in March, and we resumed them again in July. We are now measuring the weight and recording the findings .

Currently  are in the process of putting signs up in the area and we want to raise money to put dustbins in the area.

We want this to a model for other organizations so every organization can take a part of the island to work on.

We realized the in spite of heavy lobbying we did not get many participants from outside; therefore we have decided to do the clean-up during the week hours so that students don’t need to come all the way to town on their free Saturday. So that means that beach clean-ups are now included in our curriculum. After the beach clean-up students engage in a program that is all about the environment with guest lectures, debates, discussions, watching documentaries etc.

We have bags that we use for the clean-ups that we recycle but they do not last very long and currently we are developing even more durable bags that can be used over and over again.


Waste separation system

We have different bins at Kawa to separate the waste as well as at Bluebikes and Café Blue, we would like to take it one step further to put waste bins outside and collect separated waste of the neighbourhood. We will need to do an awareness campaign in the neighbourhood. Some waste is worth money and that could be used to improve the neighbourhood. This model could be repeated in the areas where the students live.

With the compost and plants generated from the organic waste we can make vertical hanging gardens and sell this to people in Stone town to keep on their balconies.


Eliminate plastic bottles

We have a water filter at Kawa and at Café Blue, students and neighbours and tourist etc. are welcome to fill up their own water bottles for free. We also have drop water in the recyclable big 12l bottles. People can fill their own bottle and it will cost less than a bottle of water from the shop.

We also wanted to provide the students with aluminium bottles that they can take everywhere with them. This will create more visibility for the project.

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Environment curriculum

We have been teaching about environment on different levels. Our aim is to develop a full circular curriculum about environment. From Foundation level all the way to teacher training so that teachers can teach the foundation level and at other schools in Zanzibar. Students will be encouraged to take an active role in the Kawa environment club committee, make art from trash, do their bit at home, start their own clean up events and environmental campaigns and finally become teachers who will take on the environment classes.

Some of the topics are: Awareness about the environment, what can I do, The RRR, Refuse, Reduce, Recycling, different , kinds of pollution, how to save the planet brainstorm, work out ideas, contest, up cycling, up cycling Ideas , entrepreneurial skills, organizing a beach clean-up, the initiatives, teaching about the environment, further studies.

We are working together with Stars@Zanzibar Sustainable to develop an Environment curriculum


Kawa Environment Club Membership

With the aim to make the students more aware of their contribution to the environment and to engage them to the club even after they are finished. We have developed membership stamp cards, every time they participate in a clean-up, they will get a stamp. After the card is full, they receive a certain rank e.g. environmental warrior bronze level etc.



We have a Kawa Environment Facebook page with currently 1200 likes; and it is still growing. our aim is 5000 by the end of 2021. We have created a WhatsApp group. We have T-shirts with the logos of the participating organizations and the leaders wear yellow safety vests which look really good as well and we have bags that we use for the clean-ups that we recycle and currently we are developing even more durable bags that can be used over and over again.