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Blue seas and coral reefs swarming with tropical marine life, sunbathed white sandy beaches, exotic coconut palms, tropical fruits and spices that bombard your senses and on top of all that a unique history in trade revealed by a spectacular architectural and cultural heritage! These are just some of the attractions that, with good reason, have made Zanzibar a favorite tourist destination, drawing tourists from all over the globe.


During the last 20 years tourism in Zanzibar has grown drastically bringing both economic opportunities as well as cultural and environmental challenges with it. Today the tourism industry is Zanzibar’s biggest source of income.


Kawa Training Center is an NGO that works at the heart of these recent developments. In order to preserve the cultural, environmental, and historical heritage of Zanzibar we are educating young Zanzibarian residents to become professional tour guides trained in sustainable tourism.

Currently, young people in Zanzibar do not benefit from the tourism industry as much as they should and often they have difficulty finding employment. At the same time, tour operators and hotels frequently find themselves hiring non-local staff because of a lack of qualified local applicants.

It is Kawa Training Center’s aim to change this tendency by providing the local youth with the necessary knowledge and skills spoken for by the tourism-industry.

Students at Kawa training Center pay a small fee that covers a part of the costs of the training. However, to continue our courses and make sure that the high standard is being upheld we are in need of support of volunteers and donors.

We therefore welcome everyone who shares our values and goals to join forces with us and become part of our community.

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Karibu, welcome, to Kawa Training Center!

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