Project budget needed


Being an NGO we will always be in need of a base of donors, sponsors, and cooperation partners that can help us stabilize our organization and make sure that our activities can continue to be carried out sustainably in the future with quality and a high level of professionalism. As a private person or a company you can make a big difference by making a financial donation.

You can donate directly to our organisation or you can choose a specific project that you want to support fully or partly, we can not emphasize enough that any amount of money is welcome and will be put to good use.

Here is an overview of our projects and the budget

Our main activity is Education folowed by Promting Women in Tourism and the Kawa Environent Club, see below the objectives and budget

Empowering Zanzibar Youth in Hospitality, Tourism and entrepreneurial skills

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Project summary:

KTC is planning to continue to improve access of Zanzibar youth to jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector by offering 15-month training programs that aim to give students a good foundation and practical skills training for a job in the hospitality or tourism sector. The program includes entrepreneurial skills and the opportunity to start a business for the best ideas. The focus is on job skills and employability and making sure students have jobs within 6 months after the completion of the program. The project aims to strengthening links with tourism and hospitality businesses to find internships near where the students live.  Teachers will be trained to accommodate growth of the number of locations for the orientation classes.


From June 2022 until December 2024

Project outcomes:

Outcome 1:     Teacher training 10 students

Outcome 2:     Outreach 120 students per year (240 in total)

Outcome 3:     Tourism and Hospitality training 60 students per year (120 in total)

Outcome 4:     Trainee guidance workshop with 20 hotel representatives (20 in total)

Outcome 5:     Development of tours in the rural locations (12 tours)

Outcome 6:     Startup of 4 small businesses run by the students

Outcome 7:     Meetings between community and hotel representatives (8 meetings)


Please contact Suzanne for more information

Promoting Women in Tourism

Objectives 2022:

  • Do outreach in 4 rural locations reaching 120 girls
  • Provide a part scholarship for 30 girls
  • Visit the outreach loation, 4 times per outreach) to create awareness about Tourism, meet the vilage leaders and parents
  • 3 round table meetings with succesful alumni of Kawa and other succesful women in Tourism
  • Girls club 40 meetings with an average of 20 girls at the meetings, discusssing girl empowerment topics
  • Girls sports activities – training for the yearly marathon and participation in the Marathon, cycling course and cycling activities, swimming club, yoga and fitness activities
  • Promote and enforce the sexual harasment protocol with ministries and hotels
  • Provide re-usable sanitation pads for the students
  • Khanga Fashion development and promotion
  • World Women’s day event
  • Film making at least 3 promotion film


PWT budget 2022

Kawa Environment Club

Objectives 2022

  • Coordination beach clean ups from Mercury’s restaurant to Zanzibar Beach resort, including the Botanical gardens.
  • 80 students participating in daily clean-ups before and/or after school
  • Engage the larger community by organizing monthly beach clean
  • Create more partnerships through monthly Environment Club network meetings; find ways to join forces and to share experience and knowledge.
  • Further develop a full circular curriculum about environment.
  • Set up waste management and up-cycling centers and up-cycle waste
  • Plant at least 600 (mostly indigenous) trees.
  • Built capacity of Kawa environment club members and increase visibility of Kawa Environment club and get more members for the club
  • Organize a World Environment Day Event
  • Continue with and create more visibility for the refill water campaign, find sponsors for reusable bottles for the students eliminating plastic bottles
  • Expand waste separation from in & around KTC to the Stone town neighborhood


KEC budget 1

KEC budget 2 KEC budget 3