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How it started:

Many of our Tourguide Students do not have enough money to pay fro the bus fare to school and back. Kawa made a plan and TUI Care Foundation sponsored the purchase of 10 Bicycles. The Tourguide students can now apply for a loan bike. Now they can come to school without paying the bus fare and on top of that, they become fit and strong. While they are cycling to school in their uniform and on their Blue bike they make promotion for Kawa Training Center and they promote cycling too.


The project:

But it is more then that – we decided to make it into a bigger project. In April 2017 we started Bluebikes Zanzibar, it is a Social Enterprise that will hopefully support Kawa Training Center financially in the future. It also brings employment to 4 Tourguide Graduates who have been trained as bike Mechanics, they are professional guides and they are now learning entrepreneurial skills as well.



Tourist can rent high quality bikes and see Zanzibar in a different way – adding more sustainable products to the Zanzibar Tourism Industry. | +255 (0) 776 828385  | Kiponda Street 1348 | around the corner from Lukmaans on Kiponda |Opening Hours: Daily from 9am – 5pm |